Case study

28 Grantham Bank

Barcombe, BN8 5DJ

Nancy has made clever use of grants since moving into her home in 2000, installing cavity wall and loft insulation. She recently took advantage of the (now defunct) Green Homes Grant to install an Air Source Heat Pump in 2020. The ASHP is working well. In addition, she has replaced the windows with double glazing over the years.

Archetype 1930 – 1975
Built 1965
Residents One
Type Semi-detached
Owner Nancy Wiginton
Features Cavity wall and loft insulation
Double glazing throughout
Oil footprint Running costs £1,496 pa
ASHP footprint

Potential 2021
3,212 kg pa

Potential 2030
662 kg pa

Running costs £662 pa

EPC rating EPC rating D (pre heat pump)

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