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June 2021

CommuniHeat Event on June 25th – save the date!

By Mark Engineer

Barcombe resident and Ovesco Operations Manager

As I write this, on a lovely day in May, it feels like the clouds are lifting. Walking around the village earlier today, it felt like there was a real mood of optimism. Barcombites are generally a smiley bunch, but right now everyone seems friendlier than ever. And it’s great to see folks chatting, laughing and enjoying a drink outside the pub.

With the lifting of lockdown, we’ve been able to plan for our live Barcombe Zero Carbon event! We’ll be hosting it at the Village hall on June 25th, from 2-7pm. Since the project started, we’ve been having regular online gatherings. These have been well attended and well received (thanks to those who came to our May webinars) but we know that Zoom calls aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. So, do come along and meet us face to face! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been following the CommuniHeat project from the start, or you’ve just decided you’d like to know more. There will be something there for you.

You’ll be able to see how our data visualisation exercise is progressing, hear more about next steps, and get an idea of what the Barcombe of the future could look like. You’ll be able to chat to the Ovesco team, Phil from engineering consultancy Buro Happold, and Ashita from network provider UK Power Networks about how community energy works, our data modelling, the impacts electrical heating and electric vehicles will have on the grid, and much more. There’ll be a chance to input your ideas and questions (we’ll also have a comments and ideas box, so you can do this anonymously if you choose.) You can also sign up to the Barcombe Energy Group, which will play a pivotal role in deciding which course the village will take, and collect your vouchers if you’ve already taken part in our monitoring and surveying exercise. And, of course, there’ll be cuppas and cakes aplenty.

We’ve also invited a range of green tech suppliers. I think this is particularly important. The questions the Ovesco team get asked most often are about understanding the technology. What sort of solutions are available? How much do they cost? How efficient are they? What are the pros and cons of each? What’s best for my kind of property? While we have an understanding of these things, we’re not experts – so here’s your chance to ask the experts!

Remember, CommuniHeat is first and foremost a partnership. Barcombe residents are a key partner in the project, and it won’t work without you. Community energy is all about engagement and discussion with communities to find solutions that work for everyone. Our June event is the perfect place to continue this conversation. So, why not be a part of it? Come along, bring your ideas, opinions, questions and energy! But if you don’t want to wait until then, or can’t make the day, you can ask your questions or sign up for a free survey and vouchers by calling 01273 472405, email or visit

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