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January 2021

Barcombe News – updates from CommuniHeat

By Mark Engineer

Barcombe resident and Ovesco Operations Manager
Nicki Myers and Mark Engineer from Ovesco at Sewells Farm solar scheme, in Barcombe

We’ve had a busy month at Ovesco! Since December’s piece in Barcombe News, dozens of residents have got in touch wanting to get involved with CommuniHeat. Many of you have kindly given us permission to install energy-use monitors and conduct energy-use surveys within your homes; others have put yourselves forward to be “Energy Champions,” installing the equipment and doing the surveys; some have volunteered for both. We had two webinars for residents in mid-December. Thanks to those who attended – having an ongoing conversation with you all is so important.

We’re delighted at the positive response, and it makes the goal of being a net zero village by 2030 seem achievable. It’s a good start. But it’s just the start!

Now, some of you who weren’t able to attend the webinars might be considering taking part, but wondering what’s involved. What will be installed? What does it look like? Will I be falling over it all the time? Will they be drilling holes and cutting into pipes, or spending hours and hours on their surveys? Well, the simple answer is no! We want to make everything as easy as possible. The devices, which have been selected with this in mind, will be small (no bigger than 10×10 cm), wireless, and unobtrusive. The room-by-room surveys take an average of two hours (depending on the size and construction of your house – three hours worst case.) All our Energy Champions will be fully trained and follow Covid protocols.

Also, the information provided won’t just be useful for us. You’ll get a clear idea of how your home performs, and how it could be improved. And of course you’ll get up to £50 in vouchers as a “thank you” from us!
If you’d like to take part, or have any questions, email or call 01273 472405.

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