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April 2021

A reminder about Ovesco’s Bill Checking Service

By Cally Southern

So let’s talk about your energy bills. 

You know they’re really important. And you know you really ought to check them to make sure you’re paying the right amount. And you need look into whether you can get a better deal from your current supplier, and shop around and see what else is out there. And investigate whether there any benefits you could be eligible for. And….urrrghhh….it’s all just a little dull, isn’t it? And a wee bit time consuming and complicated and perhaps a tiny bit daunting. And so you think….oh, look, I’ll definitely do it. Tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow.

Does all this sound familiar? It does to me – and I work in the energy industry! 

So why not take advantage of Ovesco’s free bill checking service? You don’t need to sign up to be surveyed for the CommuniHeat project – it’s available to ALL residents within the parish of Barcombe. Our trained Energy Champions can do all the legwork, and give you advice on stuff like understanding your bills, switching to a cheaper or greener tariff, reducing costs by paying by direct debit. They can suggest extra support you might be eligible for, and lots more – plus, they can give you tips to help you use less energy in the first place. 

I’d like to share a recent – and slightly embarrassing  – experience which demonstrates perfectly why this is worth doing. At my house we’d been on the same tariff with the same supplier for a number of years. We knew we should look at alternatives but somehow it just never got done. In fact, we never even got around to taking a meter reading. Our supplier was actually much more on the ball than we were – they kept sending us reminders. Which we kept putting on tomorrow’s to-do list. Meanwhile, they were estimating our monthly charges, because they couldn’t do anything else. 

This went on for months. Lots of months. Well….erm…for quite a bit more than a year, actually.  And when we finally got around to taking a reading, they told us they’d overcharged us. By really quite a lot. Inspired by this unexpected windfall, we asked them what other tariffs they could offer us, and they put us on a new and cheaper (but just as green) tariff straight away. We were left feeling torn – partly very pleased, partly kicking ourselves for not doing it sooner and saving ourselves more money. 

So, do get in touch with Ovesco today. We can check your bills remotely – there’s no need for a home visit. It won’t cost you a penny. And our Champions will do all the hard work, so you don’t have to. What’s not to like?

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